Cultivating a lasting interest in China's social, political and economic development by encouraging volunteerism, social innovation, research and educational exchange with China

Social Innovation

Social development in China is one important area of focus for the OYCF members. In 2016, OYCF established an annual social innovation award to encourage volunteerism and social entrepreneurship, and to promote civil society exchange between the U.S. and China.


OYCF is pleased to announce that the following NGO groups have been invited to participate in the 2018 OYCF Social Innovation contest:

  • 湖北武汉市“守语者:聋人事务所,入选项目: 手语普法,赋能聋人
  • 广东广州市青草青少年成长服务中心,入选项目: 流动儿童城市立足
  • 广东深圳零废弃环保公益事业发展中心,入选项目: 零废弃村落(河北沧州)


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Annual Meeting

The 2018 OYCF Annual Meeting takes place on May 25-26 in San Diego, California. This year's theme is on China's economic reform, and the agenda features (1) three high-level speakers, (2) contest among three social entrepreneurs from China, and (3) the award of China fieldwork research fellowship. 

The OYCF meeting is open to everyone who is interested in Chinese society, culture, politics and economy. 

**2018 OYCF Annual Meeting Registration Opens**

OYCF will convene its 2018 annual meeting on May 25-26 in San Diego, California. Please view the agenda on the Annual Meeting page. Registration for the annual meeting has closed as of May 22, 2018, please contact OYCF for further information if you are interested in attending.

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OYCF's research program aims to address critical policy issues in China and to encourage fieldwork research in the country.

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OYCF-Chow Fieldwork Fellowship

OYCF is pleased to announce the 2018 award to the following four young scholars: 

Jilian Duan is a PhD student in gender studies at Indiana University. She studies the gendered political discourses about family, marriage, reproduction, and other dimensions of intimate life in China as revealed by the state policies and media,

Peter Hick is a PhD student in history at Stanford University.  He studies the social history of the Siyi region in Guangdong and the impact of the region's international out-migration on the local institutions, society and conflicts during the late Qing and early Republican period.

Kevin Luo is a PhD student in political science from the University of Toronto. He researches the long-term effects of military and political conflicts on the state’s extractive power and property rights development in early modern China.

Di Wang is a PhD candidate in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She conducts socio-legal studies of parental and conjugal rights mobilization in China. 

Not a member yet?

Anyone who is above 18 and who has lived in both China and overseas for one year or more is eligible for membership in the OYCF. Endorsement or reference from a current member is generally required.

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