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OYCF Membership 会员

Overseas Young Chinese Forum (OYCF) is an inclusive, non-partisan and non-profit organization that advocates volunteerism and cultivates the members’ continuing interest in the development in China and in China’s relationship with the world.  All OYCF activities, including the annual meeting, may be conducted in either Chinese or English, at each person's discretion

OYCF Membership is voluntary, with an annual fee of $50 for the employed professionals, and $20 for the students.  OYCF funding comes from tax-deductible donations from its members, friends, businesses, and university and foundation grants. OYCF does not receive funding from any government sources.

Membership eligibility: 

Anyone who is over 18 and who has lived in China and overseas for one year or more is eligible to apply for membership in the OYCF. 

Membership benefits:

  • Free, advance, and guaranteed registration for OYCF annual meetings
  • Hotel subsidy for participating in OYCF annual meeting
  • Eligibility to Vote in OYCF elections and awards
  • Priority registration for any OYCF-organized events
  • Email notification of OYCF or OYCF-affiliated events around the world
  • Networking opportunities with fellow OYCFers
  • Eligibility for member-only funding support
Membership Fee:  Student, $25/year; Regular, $50/year

All OYCF members can register for Annual Meeting for free.  Interested individuals can fill out the membership application form (会员申请), submit the form, and send a check to: 

11423 Potomac Oaks Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
United States

Check should be made payable to the order of “OYCF” or “Overseas Young Chinese Forum"

OYCF is a non-profit organization based in the United States.

Contact us at