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OYCF Teaching Programs in China

OYCF's teaching program has received generous support from the following organizations and and individuals: Harvard Law School's East Asian Legal Studies Program and the U.S-China Legal Cooperation Fund, Jun He Law Offices, Ford Foundation, Gregory and Pauline Chow. In addition, several former and current OYCF board members contributed funds and volunteer time to the teaching program. 

From 2000 to 2014, OYCF supported numerous short-term teaching trips to China by lawyers, professors and advanced graduate students in the fields of law, humanities and social sciences. When the demand was strong, OYCF sponsored as many as 15 teaching fellows a year for several years.  Over a hundred teaching fellows had received support from the OYCF since the debut of its teaching program in 2000.  

Today, OYCF awards occasional teaching fellowships in relatively neglected regions in China. Applications are reviewed twice a year.

Past Teaching Fellows

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