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Overseas Young Chinese Forum (OYCF) was established in 1999 to provide a forum for the overseas Chinese scholars, graduate students and professionals to exchange views on issues concerning China and China’s relations with the world, and to develop common aspirations among its members. It is an inclusive, non-partisan and non-profit organization that advocates voluntarism and cultivates the members’ continuing interest in the developments in China and in China’s relationship with the world. Run completely by volunteers, OYCF organizes annual meetings for its members, sponsors short-term teaching projects, funds student organizations in the U.S. and other educational activities in China, supports social innovation, and undertakes select research and publication projects that are beneficial to China’s development.

Organization Profile

OYCF is a non-profit organization based in the United States.

OYCF sponsors short term teaching trips by overseas scholars and professionals to universities inChina.  Currently we award a total of 14 teaching fellowships annually, which are supported by the Ford Foundation and Professor Gregory Chow. 

Since August 31, 1999, OYCF has been publishing an online journal titled Perspectives.  We now publish the journal both in English and Chinese. The journal serves as another platform for discussions of current issues. Currently, Perspectives has more than 3,000 e-mail subscribers from more than ten countries in four continents and is available on our web site.

We organize an annual meeting each spring. Each year’s meeting is devoted to one theme related to China’s development. Since 1999, our annual meetings have focused on social and political philosophy of liberalism (1999), sustainability of economic development in China (2000), China in the 20th century  (2001), the WTO, the Olympics and the aftermath of 9/11 (2002), civil society (2003), China’s women issues (2004), and China issues (2005), social classes in transitional China (2006), cultural production and consumption in China (2007), Globalization and Nationalism across the Taiwan Strait (2008),  China and the Global Financial Tsunami (2009), and China’s Legal Reform at Crossroads (2010). We published a post-conference volume for the 2005 annual meeting and for the 2006 annual meeting.

Since October 2002, OYCFjointly with the 1990 Institute, has been sponsoring research projects that focus on economic and social issues related to China.

OYCF intends to reach out in the coming years. We are interested in establishing working relationship with various Chinese organizations both in the United States and China. With its local affiliates or sister organizations in Cambridge, Massachusetts (The Cambridge China Institute andHarvard China Review), Stanford, California (ChinaRains), Manhattan, New York (OYCF in Manhattan), Washington DC and most recently Hong Kong, OYCF holds regular discussions throughout the year.

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