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2019 OYCF Social Innovation Contestant #1

02 Jul 2019 2:16 AM | Anonymous

GLCAC成立于2006年,是一家致力于促进性别友善校园环境和推动 LGBT青少年和儿童权益的公益机构 。我们以师生之合力,推动青少年、教师的赋权和参与,来实现性与性别群体的自我发展和友善环境



GLCAC was founded in 2006. It is dedicated to improving the school environment for tolerance and gender equality, including the rights of children and LGBT youths. Our goal is to mobilize both the teachers and students to empower them to work toward a friendly environment for the self-development of various gender groups.

Since 2014, GLCAC has trained 13 cohorts of teachers in gender education which number 330 teachers in 28 cities. 80% of these teachers are primary or secondary school teachers. After five years, GLCAC has built a team of 15 core teachers with local gender education experience in China, established China's first “Gender Education Teaching and Research Group” to connect teachers in the area and to develop curriculum.

Besides classroom instruction, GLCAC endeavors to improve school culture and support system with regard to gender-related activities, teaching, everyday behavior, school installations, etc., so that everyone will become an advocate and activist in gender equality.

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