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2019 OYCF Social Innovation Contestant #2

02 Jul 2019 2:20 AM | Anonymous

2018年年初开始的米兔浪潮以来,因发现在国内无论是个人还是机构的层面,大家对于对性骚 扰、反对性别歧视的知识储备和应对经验非常不足。于是,西桃共学社区希望通过共学项目来回应国内的现状,帮助关注性别暴力以及相关议题的人打破时间和地域的限制,获得更多性别平等的知识和更多互相交流经验的机会。

目前项目主要围绕性 骚 扰和性侵害的议题展开,通过线上共学、听专业人士的讲座、以及读书会的讨论,首先,它提升了性别暴力议题的能见度,很多人开始意识到它是个问题,并且它与性别歧视息息相关。第二,它不光帮助人们识别出各个领域(文化、司法、经济等)中间性别不平等的地方,还传播了跟解决方案相关的知识、技能和经验,从而帮助个人和机构更好地反思、预防和解决,对于妇女来说,也是一个赋权的过程。

Xitao Women’s Leadership - Xitao Shared-Learning Community (SLC)

Since the beginning of the “Me Too” movement in early 2018, it has been found that there is a lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with sexual harassment and gender discrimination at both individual and organizational levels. Xitao SLC is our response to this problem in China. Our aim is to help the individuals who are concerned about gender violence and related issues by connecting them across time and spatial barriers so that they can learn about gender equality from each other and to exchange experiences online.

Our current projects focus on sexual harassment and violence via online learning, specialist lectures, and book club discussions. These activities help raise the visibility of sexual violence so that many people can draw conclusions about its link to gender discrimination. Additionally, they help individuals identify cases of discrimination in various areas such as law, economy and culture, and to promote knowledge, skills and experiences in providing solutions, thus empowering women in the process.

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