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2019 OYCF Social Innovation Contestant #3

02 Jul 2019 2:21 AM | Anonymous



Shenzhen U Nature Project on Male Participation in Gender Equality

Shenzhen-based U Nature team has worked in gender equality education by preventing sexual violation of children since 2015.  It utilizes curriculum teaching, book club discussion, and drama performance to sow the seeds of awareness for gender equality in the minds of the children. In the community, the organization actively promotes the sharing of household activities by men, promotes men’s participation in gender equality projects in the community. In the reading club discussions sponsored by the community or business, the organization encourages parents and adults to join. 

With positive feedback from the male participants, U Nature took up the UN anti-domestic violence project, entitled “White Ribbon in Shenzhen” and actively organized public lectures and consultations about the women’s right and promoted actions against domestic violence in the community.  To further promote gender equality and male participation in these projects, U Nature created a play, "Men's Monologue,” to raise awareness about gender equality and the need for male involvement. The play has attracted a lot of attention from the media in Hong Kong, thus catalyzing discussions about gender and gender equality.

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